Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.
- Six Word Story by P.P.   (via sexual-feelings)

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I was worst to the one I loved best.
- Hannah Kent, Burial Rites  (via sexual-feelings)

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me: *cums* ok well it was nice seeing you!

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you looked like hell
felt like paradise
kissed me
and made it feel like heaven
I can finally say I’m in love with the devil.

- Maa (via sixtyy-two)

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I spend so much time in other people’s shoes, I forget to stand in my own.
- And this is why I love to be alone (via moroccan-ninja)

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Holding back your thoughts actually makes you think about it more. It’s like you try as hard as you can not to think about pink elephants in the room, but the more you try, the more likely the elephants doesn’t go away
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